This page will walk you through configuring OpsGenie as a Destination for your Panther alerts.

The OpsGenie Destination requires an Opsgenie API key. When an alert is forwarded to an OpsGenie Destination, it creates an incident using the specified API key:

To configure an OpsGenie Destination, start by navigating to your team's dashboard by going to the Teams tab and selecting the team to receive the alert:

After selecting the team you to which you wish to send alerts, select the integrations tab on the left, and then the Add integration button:

Next select the API integration type from the integration list:

After selecting the API integration type, you will be prompted to configure the name, settings, permissions, etc. of the integration. Be sure to leave the Enabled and Create and Update Access check boxes checked:

Copy the API key out of the configuration settings and into the Panther Destinations configuration, and select the Save Integration button. Your OpsGenie Destination should now be ready to receive alerts from Panther