Data Onboarding
Panther offers several options to onboard data, including SaaS Logs, Data Transports, Cloud Accounts, and Custom Log Types

SaaS Logs

Panther leverages two mechanisms to pull logs from SaaS vendors:
  • Direct integrations (by querying APIs)
  • AWS EventBridge
For a list of vendors currently supported, see SaaS Logs.

Data Transports

You may leverage AWS Services in tandem with Panther to get data such as S3 buckets, CloudWatch, SQS, or SNS.
For more information, see Data Transports.

Cloud Accounts

Panther may scan your AWS environment to create a model of each AWS resource within. Customers may then compare each model against a policy and Panther can be configured to trigger an alert if the model does not adhere to the policy.
For more information, see Cloud Accounts.

Custom Log Types

Do you have a log type you would like to monitor that Panther does not have schema built for? Panther gives you the ability to generate a custom schema, which informs Panther how to parse events correctly.
For more information, see Custom Log Types.
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