Integrating SAML with Panther
Integrate any SAML Identity Provider (IdP) with Panther in three easy steps:
    Deploy Panther and navigate to the General Settings page. Note the values shown for "Audience" and "ACS URL":
    Add a "test" or "manual" SAML integration to your IdP with the following settings:
      Audience: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:USER_POOL_ID (copied from the General Settings in Panther)
      ACS / Consumer URL: https://USER_POOL_HOST/saml2/idpresponse (copied from the General Settings in Panther)
      SAML Attribute Mapping:
        PantherEmail -> user email
        PantherFirstName -> first/given name
        PantherLastName -> last/family name
      Grant access to the appropriate users
    From the Panther settings page, enable SAML with:
      A default Panther role of your choice
      The issuer/metadata URL from the SAML integration in your IdP. This URL should be a publicly accessible XML document.
If your IdP lets you download the metadata XML file directly but does not provide a URL, you will need to publish that file somewhere public (it should not contain sensitive information). For example, you can upload to a public S3 bucket and then give Panther the S3 URL.
We are working on support for direct metadata uploads in the near future.
Click "Save" in the Panther settings page and then you're done! Now, clicking the "Login with SSO" button will redirect you to your Identity Provider:
For examples, see the OneLogin and Okta integration guides.
Last modified 5mo ago
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