Panther is a security analytics platform designed to alleviate the problems of traditional SIEMs.
It works by normalizing security logs from various places:
And alerting your team when suspicious activity happens:


  • Flexible, Python-based detections for advanced analysis tailored to your needs
  • Robust, high-scale, security data lake to store and search Petabytes of structured data
  • End-to-end alerting and automation to reduce repetitive tasks

Use Cases

Use Case
Security Monitoring
Analyze logs in real-time with Python to identify suspicious activity
Normalize Logs
Centralize all security logs into a single platform for alerting and structured data storage
Threat Hunting
Find matches on IOCs across all collected data to tell the full story
Cloud Compliance
Model security policies as code to achieve compliance and harden infrastructure

Getting Started!

Follow the quick start guide to deploy Panther!
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