Panther is an open source security analytics platform for detecting threats, improving cloud security posture, and powering investigations.



  • Analyze TBs of data per day

  • Write flexible, Python-based, real-time detections

  • Bootstrap your security data lake

  • Simply deploy with infrastructure as code

  • Secure, least-privilege, and encrypted infrastructure


  • Log Analysis for parsing, normalizing, and analyzing security data

  • Cloud Security for identifying misconfigurations in AWS accounts

  • Data Analytics for queries on collected log data, generated alerts, and normalized fields

Use Cases

Use Case


Continuous Monitoring

Analyze logs in real-time with Python to identify suspicious activity

Alert Triage

Respond to alerts to get the full context

Searching IOCs

Quickly search for matches on IOCs against all collected data

Securing Cloud Resources

Achieve compliance and model security best practices in code

Getting Started!

Follow the quick start guide to deploy Panther!


Panther Enterprise offers additional features for advanced teams, such as:

  • Data Explorer: Search your collected data, generated alerts, and threat hunt with SQL

  • SaaS Log Collection: Automatically load popular SaaS logs into Panther such as Okta, G Suite, and more.

  • Role-based Access Control: Assign roles to your Panther users

  • Single Sign-on: Integrate solutions such as Okta to streamline and manage identities.

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