In order for Panther to be able to access the Reports of your organization, you will need to create a new G Suite application with the necessary permissions. Panther will use this application to pull the logs periodically (every 1 minute).

Setting up a G Suite application

The steps below can only be performed if your G Suite user has permissions to see your organization's Reports. If your user doesn't have such permissions, you can follow the steps here in order to create a new role with Reports access and assign the role to your user.

Create a Google API project

  1. Go to Google API Console‚Äč

  2. Click Create Project

  3. Enter a project name e.g. Panther

  4. Click Create. It will take a few seconds to create the project. Once created, you will get an on-screen notification.

    You can click View to see the details of the project.

Enable access

  1. Select the option to Enable APIs

  2. Select the Admin SDK and click Enable

  3. Select Credentials and Configure Consent Screen

  4. Click on Internal and Create

  5. Enter an Application Name e.g. Panther and click Save

Create Credentials

  1. Click on Create Credentials -> OAuth client ID

  2. Select Desktop app as Application Type . You can give it a name e.g. Panther

  3. Click on Create

Keep note of the ClientID and Client Secret! You will need to provide them to Panther in order for Panther to pull your reports. Note that you will still have to authorize Panther to pull your logs using a standard OAuth flow. Panther UI will guide you through the steps.