This feature is only available in Panther Enterprise

Panther is able to process OneLogin events through OneLogin's integration with Amazon EventBridge. This allows Panther to process OneLogin logs in a scalable and reliable, low latency manner.

In order for Panther to process your OneLogin logs, you need to configure your OneLogin account to send data to Amazon EventBridge in Panther AWS account.

Configure OneLogin to send data to Panther

First of all, you need to keep note of the AWS Account and AWS region where Panther is deployed. You can find this information from your Panther UI, going to Settings > General > About Panther.

  1. Log in to OneLogin Administration console

  2. Go to Developers > Webhooks

  3. Go to New Webhook > Event Webhook for Amazon EventBridge

  4. Add a friendly name e.g. Panther Integration

  5. Fill the AWS Account Id and Region that you noted earlier. Click Save

  6. Click on the new integration that got just created. Keep a note of the Event Source field as we are going to use it

    in the next step (it should be in the form aws.partner/

Create a new OneLogin source in Panther

  1. Login to your Panther account

  2. Go to Log analysis > Sources from the sidebar menu

  3. Click Add Source

  4. Select Amazon EventBridge from the list of available types

  5. In the following form, fill in the following fields:

    1. Name: A friendly name for the source e.g. My OneLogin events

    2. Log Type: Select OneLogin

    3. Bus Name: The field you noted in the previous text (in the form aws.partner/

  6. Click on Next and then Save Source

  7. You are done! You can now start writing detections and exploring your OneLogin data.