Amazon SQS

Step 1: SQS Queue Setup

An SQS Queue can be connected to Panther by creating a queue and granting Panther permission to send to it:
Navigate to the AWS SQS Console and select Create New Queue to create a new queue, then set the name of the new queue.
In the Access Policy section of the new queue Basic setup, under the Define who can send messages to the queue heading, select Only the specified AWS Accounts, IAM users and role radio button.
You will need to enter the AWS account of your Panther deployment. You can find this in the Settings -> General page of your Panther deployment:
Save the new queue by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the AWS Create queue page.

Step 2: Add Destination to Panther

The SQS Queue will have a URL field under the Details tab. Paste the copied URL into the Panther Destination configuration settings:
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