Destinations are used to send alerts of policy and rule failure to the appropriate place. Whenever a policy starts failing on a resource, or a rule triggers on an event, an alert is generated and sent to the configured Destinations.

Alerts are routed based on a policy or rule's severity. When a Policy or Rule with a Critical severity sends an alert, it will send it to all Destinations configured to handle Critical alerts. In this way, one failure may kick off multiple work flows as desired, potentially creating a JIRA ticket, sending an email, and paging the on call personnel all at once.

For example, Destinations may be configured for both email and PagerDuty. Further, the email Destination may be configured to handle Medium , High, and Critical severity alerts while the PagerDuty Destination is configured to handle just Critical severity alerts. Whenever a Medium or High severity policy or rule fails, an email is sent to the configured email address. However, when a Critical severity policy or rule fails an email is sent to the configured email address and a page is sent to the PagerDuty integration.

Supported Destinations:

  • Email

  • Slack

  • PagerDuty

  • Github

  • JIRA

  • SNS

  • SQS

  • OpsGenie

  • Microsoft Teams

At this time, the email Destination is not supported for CloudPrem deployments. The email Destination requires additional setup, including moving out of the SES sandbox, in order to function properly. This Destination (with supporting configuration documentation) will be available for CloudPrem customers soon.