This page will walk you through configuring Asana as a destination for your Panther alerts.
The Asana destination requires an Access Token and one or more Project GID. When an alert is forwarded to an Asana destination, a new task is created in the specified project(s):
Asana Configuration in Panther
The Asana Destination requires the use of an Asana user account. To add an Asana destination, first, select a user to be the reporter of the issue. If possible and in order to ensure continuity, a service account should be created specifically for this purpose.
A Project GID is a unique identifier for the project where Panther will be creating new issues. The easiest way is to retrieve it from the project's URL. Select the project you want and click Copy Project Link:
The copied link should look like The Project GID is the 16-digit number seen in the URL.
The Access Token is the token of the user that will be creating the issues. This can be acquired by going to while logged in as the user and clicking on New Access Token:
After creating the token, you will have an opportunity to copy it. As Asana warns, this token should be treated just as sensitively as a password and you will not be able to access it again in the future.
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