AWS costs of running Panther

Panther is proudly built with modern, serverless technologies, with the benefit of low-cost, usage-based pricing. As a result, Panther is cost-effective and will run within the Free Tier until you onboard data to analyze.

However, some infrastructure has an ongoing cost regardless of usage. We estimate that Panther has a minimum AWS bill of about $20/month, depending on your AWS region and configuration settings.

For example, Panther creates a custom KMS key for SQS encryption, which has a fixed cost of $1/month. The main cost comes from running the web application continuously with ECS Fargate, with additional information provided below.

Front-End Web Server

To serve the web application, an ECS Fargate service (named panther-web) runs a single task for the front-end server. By default, this task is allocated 0.5 of vCPU and 1024MB of memory, which leads to a monthly cost of $14.57 (vCPU) + $3.2 (RAM) = $17.77 according to the official ECS pricing page.

This means that the minimum cost of running the container is $17.77/month. If you want to lower this cost in exchange for a slower server and an increased load time, you can modify the parameters found in the panther_config.yml.

Specifically, you can make the following changes:

  • Set WebApplicationFargateTaskCPU to 256

  • Set WebApplicationFargateTaskMemory to 512

Then, deploy (or redeploy) Panther.

These values are the minimum allowed values for the front-end, and they will decrease the cost down to $8.88/month.

Backend Lambda Functions

Coming soon